What Do The Most Popular Permanent Makeup Applications Involve

What Do The Most Popular Permanent Makeup Applications Involve

Permanent makeup has become a popular option for makeup worldwide. Take a look at your daily routine. What is your daily routine?

Imagine spending 15 minutes applying makeup five days a weeks. This would be 65 hours per year. You could save a lot of time every year. Permanent makeup can also be a great alternative for people who are unable to wear makeup because of skin problems or allergies.

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What is permanent make-up?

If you’re wondering, “Does permanent makeup work for me?” it may be the best option for those with sensitive skin or allergies who have trouble using cosmetics. Permanent makeup allows anyone with visual or dexterity problems to wear makeup every day.

Cosmetic tattooing can be used to complement or replace traditional cosmetics. Highly skilled technicians and artists use hand tools, including many of the same tattoo instruments, to achieve excellent lines and soft, smooth shading.

The duration of permanent makeup can vary between one to three years depending on the method used and how well it is maintained. Although this is a permanent makeup process, the results are technically only semi-permanent because of the depth of pigmentation and the use diluted pigments on areas of the face that rapidly renew facial tissue.

What are the types of permanent makeup available?

You’ll want to read this before you commit to the most popular permanent cosmetic procedures. From how it works to how long it will last, here is everything you need to learn.


Microblading is the most popular permanent cosmetic procedure. It’s a fancy name for eyebrow tattoo. The cosmetologist inserts color directly beneath the skin to create more realistic eyebrows.

The needles of the microblade are very small. This equipment is used to implant ink into each hair stroke. The microblading technique allows some people to have the look of a full brow, while also filling in the sparse areas of their already full brows. The Ombre’ Powder Brow is what it’s called.

You may want to revisit your expert in 12-18 months for a touch up. The decision to schedule maintenance is left up to the individual once the color intensity begins to fade. This happens because pigments gradually fade over time. The cosmetologist adds a color to the existing work during a maintenance session.

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent technique that enhances the color, shape and appearance of the lips, while giving the illusion of fullness. By dabbing colored ink along the lipline and into your lips, you can improve their appearance. Using subtle tones gives the appearance of naturalness.

If you want to achieve a blurred look with your lips and a touch of color, lip blushing is the perfect option for you. You may experience swelling and discomfort after treatment. However, you must also have a high pain tolerance because the lips are more sensitive than other areas of the face. You will look puffy for about a week following your treatment, as if you just had lip injections.

After you have had several touch-ups to achieve your desired look, the color will last about a year. Returning to the salon whenever you need a color boost is recommended, but results usually last between three and five years.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner can be a good option if you don’t want to have to apply eyeliner every day. The technique involves tattooing or inking the lash line. Depending on what you prefer, this can produce liners that look heavy or natural. Permanent eyeliner is a great alternative to the daily hassle of applying eyeliner.

Touch-ups every three to five year are required to keep the color permanent. We recommend returning to the salon whenever your color could use a boost.

Lash Lifting and Tinting

This procedure is similar to having your lashes colored and permed. The same chemicals that are used to perm hair can be used for this procedure, which reshapes eyelashes and makes them curl up more clearly.

Each application takes about an hour. After your treatment, you will notice that the tinted pigment has made your natural lashes appear darker and curled up.

Maintaining lash lift is easy. If done correctly, your eyelashes will remain in great condition for up to four weeks. For a month, you can enjoy the benefits of freshly curled eyelashes each morning by putting away your mascara and eyelash curler.

How to take care of permanent makeup

To keep your permanent makeup in top condition, it is best to follow the correct aftercare. You also risk an infection by not properly caring for your cosmetic tattoo.

If you want to keep your permanent makeup in good condition, then follow these steps:

  • Do not touch the tattooed areas without washing your hands first.
  • Avoid touching the area that has permanent makeup except to clean;
  • Use a nourishing or other cream recommended by your permanent makeup artist twice daily for the first two-week period.
  • Refrain from touching your face until it has fully healed.
  • Always use sun protection.
  • Avoid swimming
  • Avoid excessive sweating

You may receive a color boost if your makeup begins to fade. This will revive your eyebrows or other features. It may be disappointing that your makeup fades over time, but it is a good thing. It is beneficial to change the color, style, or shape of your permanent makeup.

Revo Permanent Makeup

When applied correctly to the right candidate, permanent makeup can be a time-saver for beauty lovers with a busy lifestyle. It is important to plan any permanent makeup technique with the idea that it will be there for a lifetime. Are you thinking about permanent makeup? Contact Revo Wegiht loss today!

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