Ozempic For Weight Loss: What Do Experts Think?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42% of American adults have obesity. For years, people have explored various weight loss methods and medications, including Ozempic for Weight Loss, to find effective solutions.

People using the diabetes drug Ozempic to lose weight has become a new trend.

What does research reveal about this drug use? Ozempic is a weight loss drug. Do health professionals recommend it? Experts answer all these questions and many more.

What is Ozempic?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Ozempic (also known as semaglutide) in 2017 for adults with type 2 diabetics.

Ozempic, a weekly insulin injection, helps to lower blood sugar levels by stimulating the pancreas. Some doctors prescribe it for weight loss purposes, although it is not approved for this use.

Ozempic – How does it work?

Ozempic mimics a hormone that occurs naturally. When hormone levels increase, the molecules inform the brain that you are full. This also slows down digestion by increasing how long it takes food to leave your body. It is similar to bariatric surgeries.

Doctors commonly use Ozempic to treat diabetes, and weight loss can be a side effect. It is designed for long-term use.

Ozempic is a weight loss product.

According to research, the active ingredient of Ozempic semaglutide does help with weight loss. People should continue to adopt healthy lifestyles to lose weight, including eating well and exercising.

Ozempic has not been approved to help with weight loss. Semaglutide, however, is approved under the name Wegovy for weight loss. Ozempic contains a lower dose of semaglutide compared to Wegovy.

You should be aware that your body can become accustomed to either drug, and establish a new norm. It can lead to a plateau in your weight. Ozempic or Wegovy can cause you to gain the weight back if you stop using it.

What are the Differences Between Ozempic and Wegovy?

In 2021, the FDA approved Wegovy, a weekly injection for chronic weight management, marking the first such approval since 2014.

The same company manufactures both Ozempic and Wegovy, and they contain the active ingredient semaglutide. However, Wegovy, designed specifically for weight loss, contains higher doses than Ozempic, which targets type 2 diabetes with lower doses.

Some insurance policies may cover both Ozempic and Wegovy, but Ozempic may not receive coverage when prescribed for weight loss.

Ozempic, primarily a type 2 diabetes medication, also aids in weight loss and reduces the risk of serious health issues, including heart disease. Doctors have considered Semaglutide as an alternative to bariatric surgery for some obese patients, although surgery typically leads to greater weight loss.

Experts generally recommend Ozempic specifically for type 2 diabetes patients. For weight loss purposes, discuss Wegovy as a potential alternative with your doctor.

Ozempic is available in a variety of brands.

The FDA warns against the dangers of “generic” Ozempic or Wegovy. The FDA says that there are no generic versions of the drug approved.

Compounding pharmacies in the U.S. have been spotted selling a generic version of the drug. Patients who used generic versions of semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic, Wegovy) reported adverse reactions to the FDA.

As of July 2023, there are reports that Ozempic or Wegovy will be in short supply. Ozempic is often used off-label to lose weight, and type 2 diabetics who depend on this drug may have difficulty finding it.

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